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Release notes

Version 2.25.1 released on 21.01.2019
  • Bugfix in material data base: G0,05 of CLT was for some materials too low (54 instead of 460 N/mm²)
Version 2.25.0 released on 11.01.2019
  • Bugfix in module timber-concrete composite floor: Kser of TiComTec corrected
Version 2.24.0 released on 20.12.2018
  • Updates for admin users
  • Display Kh and Kl values in result views and PDF
  • Bugfix: Changed text of unit of SLS net fin in PDF
  • Bugfix Connection design:
    Screwposition corrected for centered positioned screws solid timber & glulam: embedding strength corrected
Version 2.23.2 released on 19.11.2018
  • LVL Statik values updated
Version 2.23.1 released on 08.11.2018
  • LVL Statik values updated
Version 2.23.1 released on 08.11.2018
  • LVL Statik values updated
  • X-LVL Statik values inserted
Version 2.23.0 released on 14.10.2018
  • Added UI Features for admin users
Version 2.22.0 released on 09.10.2018
  • Bugfix SLS design for Spain: calculation for w fin corrected to w[char] + w[q.p.∞]*kdef
  • Bugfix wall & deep beab design module: Scetch of support forces corrected
  • Added Version Information to PDF documents
Version 2.21.0 released on 04.10.2018
  • Connection design: pre-drilled added in connection type of two timber beams
  • Bugfix Connection design module: Fax,rk = Max(Fhead,rk, Fax1,rk)
  • Bugfix Connection design module: fvrk for connections with steel plate
  • UI changes of project details page: Collapse empty panels
Version 2.20.0 released on 06.09.2018
  • Bugfix header: Unable to get detailed PDF Results
  • Bugfix panel:
    Error in calculation of SLS results
    Unable to get detailed PDF results
Version 2.19.0 released on 31.08.2018
  • Bugfix timber-concrete composite floor:
    Shear force = 0 in some cases
    Update PDF Output
  • Connection Design: Adaption of Rothoblaas Screws for connector positions in end grain
  • Bug fix Vibration analysis: Modal mass related to tributary width according to EN1995-1-1, NA.7.2-E3, Austrian NA, not total width.
Version 2.18.0 released on 13.08.2018
  • Connection design module:
    Bugfix Type "CLT butt joint with splice board": Required minimum width corrected
    Bugfix all connection types: For all non CLT elements a1 was always used for distances where a2 has to be taken into account.
  • Adjustments to the SLS design for projects in France, according to French national annex of EN1995-1-1
  • New CLT Rip Panel design module, according to ETA-17/0911, available
Version 2.17.0 released on 25.05.2018
  • Bugfix: Registration
Version 2.16.0 released on 24.05.2018
  • Implementation of Dataprotection
  • Release Notes
Version 2.15.0 released on 14.04.2018
  • Standard EN FR: Changed kdef for CLT Class 1 and Class 2